Want to discover your PURPOSE, design a life you LOVE, and live soul INSPIRED?


YES?!  Well good ‘cuz I’m in the business of helping you out with all of that…


Samantha Kelley | Holistic Health & Lifestyle Coach

About Sam

Hallo, Hallo! My name is Sam and I’m the #BossLady ‘round here.

As a Holistic Lifestyle Coach and founder of SunKissed Health, I help burned-out and in-transition women add a lil’ soul sparkle back into their lives – a.k.a. aligning with their deepest desires, truest passions, and unique life purpose.

Imagine if you were able to design a life that you absolutely (HEART).

Well, the truth is…you can.  Mmmmm, that sounds soulfully delicious, right?

So if you are at a crossroads in life, going through a major transition, or are feeling blasé about life in general, I’m here for you. (Ohhh, believe me, I’ve definitely been there. And if you want, you can read more about my personal journey here.)

I have a pretty diverse background in everything from nutrition coaching to Feng Shui, and energy healing to dowsing. I also work as a Holistic Health Coach in the corporate sector and have over 3,000 hours of telephonic coaching experience.  (feel free to scroll on down to take a looksee at my specific credentials)

A few other “Sam” notes:
  • I bellydance for fun.
  • I think green smoothies are nummy.
  • I (heart) vibrant colors and anything sparkly.
  • I am a true-blue Pisces.
  • I read. A LOT.
  • I believe that crystals have metaphysical properties.
  • I live in Minneapolis with my many plants.
And let me just be crystal clear:
  • I believe that you deserve to love your life.
  • I believe that shining your bright light IS your divine right.
  • I believe it’s time to let your soul sparkle.

And I truly believe that when you embody your calling, other areas of your life seem to fall perfectly into place.  So….quit shining your light in a closet and #letyoursoulsparkle! Sign up below to grab your free 3-Day SunKissed Soul Cleanse and get in the know of the latest SunKissed happenings. (You won’t regret it, trust me.)



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And for those that like the hard (and sometimes boring) facts, here ya go:


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Bonus Random Factoids:

  • I make most of the natural personal care products I use (ex. deodorant, shampoo, salt scrub, body mist…)
  • I’ve never been stung by a bee (weird, I know!)
  • I have wayyy too many plants in my home (tee hee!)
  • My mom and I have this unusual gifting game where if either of us comes across anything with a hedgehog, we must buy and gift it to the other (so…basically we’re accumulating a LOT of hedgehog paraphernalia!)




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