Diamond Dowsing Special Offer

SunKissed (2)Dowsing is similar to Feng Shui in that it can powerfully and instantly shift the energy of your environment (and thus positively impact your life)!


But with Diamond Dowsing you are able to ascertain the specific energy level of a home, cure environmental and electromagnetic stress affecting the space, and raise the home’s vibration on a quantum level.


What is Dowsing?

Dowsing has been around for thousands of years and has been used by people since ancient times to locate underground water.

Diamond Dowsing is a particular branch of dowsing that not only locates the source of stress impacting the health of your home, but also neutralizes it to raise the entire vibration of a space.

With the help of my dowsing rods, I will work at the lowest level of the home and place special copper rods in areas which exhibit stress to cure this negative energy and help to harmonize the home.

Who should Diamond Dowse their home or space?
  • If you feel energetically drawn to dowsing
  • If you do not feel wholly supported by your space
  • If you are a packrat or hoarder
  • If you feel your home is haunted or have entities present
  • If you would like to live or work in a high-vibe environment
  • If you love to smudge or space clear your space, but want something more permanent
What’s included in a Dowsing Consultation?
  • Energetic space clearing
  • High-vibrational copper rods will be placed to cure negative environmental and electromagnetic stress areas at the lowest level of home
  • Written assessment of findings
  • Follow-up phone consult (30 minutes)
Benefits of Dowsing:
  • Higher levels of energy
  • Better sleep
  • More clarity and focus
  • Higher overall sense of wellbeing (mental, physical, emotional, spiritual)
  • And much more!

 Dowsing Consultation (1-2 hours) + follow-up phone call (30 minutes):  

$247  $59 for the first 5 people who sign up!!

Why am I doing this?

So…I’ve learned this incredible, transformative space clearing technique, and want to share it with others! And since I am relatively new to this, I need to practice!!!

Practice makes perfect, as they say.  :)

Therefore, I am offering this very reduced price to those within my friends and family network who are intrigued and would like to try it out for themselves.  And if you know of someone who may be particularly interested in this service, feel free to forward it to them. Basically, in exchange for this dowsing consultation (which will be $247 in the near future), I would like to gather feedback from each client.

I am particularly interested in how different clients notice and describe the subtle energetic changes in their home post-dowsing. This information will be incredibly helpful to me as I gauge the differences in how people perceive any shifts within themselves and their space. That is why with this special offer, I am seeking honest feedback about their experience. 

Client Requirements:

  • Must live within 25 miles of Uptown Minneapolis :)  (…or an additional fee will be charged for those outside this range)
  • Must be open to me working on an energetic, quantum level in your home
  • Must be open to me working on the lowest level of your space (i.e. the basement). Basically, I will need to be able to move around and have easy access specifically to where the walls meet the floor (it doesn’t need to be spotless or anything, but can’t be plumb-stuffed with boxes that are too heavy to move!) 😉
  • Must be available on either Saturday or Sunday in the morning or afternoon
  • Must be willing to provide honest feedback and/or testimonials

Some interesting notes:

  • Diamond Dowsing information comes directly from Marie Diamond, one of the teachers featured in the movie, The Secret, and was part of a “divine download” from the cosmos/universe.
  •  My teacher charges around $1000 for this service
  • For those outside of the Twin Cities Metro area, I hope to offer “distance dowsing” sessions in the near future once I have taken this advanced training in early September 2017. At that time I will also offer a session at a reduced fee to a few friends…so if you’re interested I can add you to my waiting list.


YASSS! Super excited to share Diamond Dowsing with ya!

Of course, feel free to email me with any questions:  sam@sunkissedhealth.com