3 Quick Tips for Empowering Your Soul (that are really fun to do!)

Change only happens when we go against everything we're used to doing (2)
It’s easy to lose little pieces of our power each day. A snide comment directed at you there, a disapproving look here. These perhaps small, but nonetheless disheartening things can add up and begin to eat at us throughout the day. These low-vibration shards can then slice into your personal thought space and gobble up your once upbeat energy.

So it’s especially important to take some time to remember your higher soul essence and replenish your personal energy. These three exercises only require a few minutes each and yet can help to powerfully realign you with your soul power.

Tip #1: Reclaim Your Brilliant Power.

A fun and easy way to do this? By discovering your theme song.

Think about what type or genre of music reenergizes you when you’re feeling down or tired.

What about a particular song that tends to get you going—no matter the circumstance?

I invite you to pick at least one song to be your designated “theme song.” Give yourself an instant shot o’ confidence each morning by playing it before you go to work. Or whenever you need a quick pick-me-up.

And remember: as you step into your personal power—it gives others permission to do the same. Now that’s really powerful!

Tip #2: Become the Master of Your Reality.

As you claim your own abundant power, it will become increasingly apparent that you also have the miraculous ability to construct your own reality.

Want to start transforming your life? Then begin by simply altering your immediate environment (work space, home, car, etc.).

In Feng Shui philosophy, your space reflects and affects your life. So whatever it is you are wishing to attract in life, bring that into your personal space in some form. For example, you could put an inspiring quote or affirmation into a picture frame (ex. “I now manifest a ton of money!”) and prominently display it in an area you’ll frequent every day.

Or depending on your aspirations, find a beautiful symbolic image that speaks to you (ex. wedding ring, new home, foreign country map, etc.) and hang it on the fridge or set it as your computer’s desktop image.

You can do it new school (Pinterest, anyone?), or old school (make use of those old magazines)!

Tip #3: Delve Deep into Your Soul’s Oasis.

Take two minutes for yourself and close your eyes.

When you close your eyes and imagine your idealized, most radiant self—what do you see? (This can be from a physical and/or metaphysical perspective.)

What does your ideal self look like? (How does your hair look? What kinds of clothing do you wear? What color(s) are represented by you?

How does your ideal self feel like? (What is your overall sense of being? How do you behave? What kinds of activities occupy your time?

Just to give you an example,

My ideal self wears long, flowy dresses in pure white as well as bright, vibrant colors. I wear my hair long (both curly and straight), and I feel very confident, mysterious, and “free.” I am intuitively connected with the earth and regularly engage in my spirituality on a daily basis.

Note—that is just what is authentic to me. Your idealized self is expected to be completely different and unique to you!

Now go on and ponder some more…

What does your ideal life look like? Feel like? Smell like? Taste like? (I know, perhaps that’s silly, but hey why not imagine!?)

For example:

 I feel supremely content as I live alongside the ocean. I smell the salty, fresh air, as well as the fragrance from nearby tropical plants that grow on my beachfront property. I taste organic, freshly-grown whole foods from the garden I keep or from local farmers.

And lastly, a juicy bonus question: What legacy do you hope to leave behind?

This exercise helps to make your dreams come alive. Your brain does not know the difference between what is imagined and what is so-called “real.” So the more you imagine something to be true, the more likely it will become real in your mind.

Now let’s get really real: is there one thing you could do—right now—to help you embody your idealized self or life in some way?

So see (and become) that ultimate version of yourself to empower your soul. Because hey, you just learned (and deep down already knew) that you’re a master of your own reality anyways.

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