Let Your Soul Sparkle: 5 Simple Ways to Embrace Your Divine Goddess Self

Alluring, elegant woman over the sand&water stormIn this fast-paced world it has become so easy to disconnect from our truest selves, live day-to-day, and feel like we’re just going through the motions. That’s why it’s so incredibly important to remember our beautiful goddess selves, that sparkly-spiritual part of us which yearns to be embraced, begs to be nourished, and ultimately craves our undivided attention—if even just for a few moments each day.

Although this ethereal facet of us may easily be forgotten, it can also be just as easily remembered.

Here are 5 simple ways to reconnect back with your divine goddess self and let your soul sparkle:

  1. Be crystal hearted.

Show compassion towards other beings, including humans, animals, plants, and even Mother Earth as a whole…but also yourself.

To further enhance your self-love connection, you may choose to invite in the soft, comforting energy of a rose quartz crystal-–perhaps through holding it as your meditate, carrying a small piece around in your pocket, or just by having it in your immediate environment, like on your desktop or bed stand.

Recognize that you are a sacred vessel, a crystal-clear waterfall if you will, that allows energies and emotions to flow through after they are experienced.

You have the profound ability to be empathetic and radiate positive energy to all those around you.

  1. Birth beautiful creations into this world.

To be a goddess is to be a divine creator, so start (and finish!) projects that feed your soul. It could be any type of business endeavor, musical composition, workshop, literary piece, lecture, artwork…well, you get the idea.

And yes—birthing actual children counts, too!

Creativity knows no bounds, so what can you contribute to the world? What gifts can you share with others?

So now is the perfect time to get back to that one project you keep putting off “until you have more time.”

Truth Bomb:  that “time” may never come. So enough excuses already and get to it! On a more motherly note, I guarantee that you’ll feel incredibly accomplished (and relieved!) after it’s finished. If you have a lot of unfinished projects lying around, this can create clutter within your mind. Do yourself a favor and commit to completing one project today to help free up some mind space!

  1. Embrace everyday gorgeousness Including that of your own. 

Take note that beauty exists everywhere, even in the most unlikely places!

Ever seen a small child giggle and grin ear to ear as she dances barefoot in the grass—without a care in the world? Beautiful. Ever notice a tenacious flower poking through a small crack in the sidewalk? Stunning. Ever heard a familiar song start playing on the radio that brings you back to a happy time in your life? Gorgeousness.

Try to be aware of these small tokens of beauty and meet them with gratitude. These gifts exist all around us at any given time, whether we are open to them or not.

And also be reminded to be in awe of yourself—after all, you’re a luminous being of cosmic energy created from stardust! Not to mention there’s no one else that’s exactly like you, so you bring your own unique brand of genius when you come into this world. How refreshing!

  1. Be blissciplined and pamper yourself daily. 

Indulge in a little self-care—every day! In order to truly embrace your goddess self, you have to show how much you value yourself!

You can do this by taking time out just for YOU.

You could take ten minutes to walk outside at a nearby park, and get some fresh air and Vitamin D while you’re at it! Or maybe you will tend to a garden, enjoy a hot mug of herbal tea, or take a rejuvenating bath with some lavender essential oil. Self-care looks different for everyone, so ask yourself what relaxes or energizes you the most and start there.

Some other ideas:

  • Journal
  • Exercise
  • Meditate
  • Read

When you make sacred space for yourself, it ensures that you deeply respect your whole self—your mind, body, and spirit. What a great lesson to teach your children, friends, and family!

  1. Conspire with the Universe and your Higher Self.

The Universe has got your back and wants what’s best for you. Be open to its gentle pulls and pushes and allow your intuition to help keep you on track.

Maintain this cosmic partnership by regularly connecting to your Higher Self through visualization, meditation, or calling upon your spirit guides.

You can even set a powerful affirmation or intention to further integrate this brilliant goddess energy into your daily life.

A few examples:

  • My crystal heart remains open and ready to manifest abundance.
  • I am a divine architect and ready to birth beautiful creations into this world.
  • I am a gorgeous, luminous being that is ready to share my unique genius with the world.
  • I am blissciplined and continually nourish myself through a devoted self-care practice.
  • My sparkly goddess soul is ready to align with the power of the Universe and live the life of my dreams.

colorful-1237242_1280So co-create with the Cosmos and draw upon your personal “Goddess Power System” (GPS) to help guide you through the ebbs and flows of life.

When we remember and recognize that within each of us there is a glittering slice of divinity, a multifaceted crystalline being—we authentically honor and empower ourselves. Thus, our unique vibration pulsates at a higher frequency and we feel more at home within ourselves. We embody our sparkly goddess essence and give others permission to do the same. Now that’s magical. And that’s the Goddess way.

festival goddess

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