Sacred Soul Share: My Personal Journey

sacred soulPresent time:  I absolutely love helping others live healthier lives and get connected with their passions and Soul Purpose. I feel very strongly that this is MY calling and I LOVE what I do.

However, it wasn’t always all unicorns and rainbows for me…

Years ago, I had a corporate job that I hated. Repeat:  H-A-T-E-D!!!

It was so soul-sucking because I was doing the job of about 3 people and  I had mounds and mounds of paper piles that lined up and down my desk. Some of these piles even measured a few feet high, and all were constant reminders of how much work remained unfinished.  Always.

The constant clutter around me had a major effect on my psyche (after studying feng shui, I now understand why). Not to mention that I had no job benefits and my pay was low. I was barely able to cover my bills and had to live with my parents.

It was so rough waking up, I could barely drag myself out of bed every morning.  In fact, some days I couldn’t do even that. I would have to call in sick because although I was physically fine, I felt emotionally and psychologically depleted.

In short, I was beyond miserable.  And incredibly undervalued at work.

I remember that I was so frustrated I would cry at the bus stop after work.  I wondered if this was all there was to adult life–eat, sleep, work. Rinse and repeat.

I just felt so defeated and thought that’s how the rest of my life would look: disconnected, uninspired, and depressed.

I very much wanted there to be some significance, some purpose to my life.

Eventually, I pulled myself together enough to embark on some soul-searching. I enrolled into community classes discussing metaphysical topics like intuition, energy awareness, and chakras. I also began to engage in all types of personal development work—anything to help me discover more meaning in life.  I started meditating and devouring any books related to the mind-body-spirit connection.

All this deep, inner work began to reignite my soul.

And I started having what could be described as metaphysical experiences. For example, as a teacher led a guided visualization during class one day, I felt an intense physical pounding at the middle of my forehead.  It was exactly at the spot of the “third eye,” or 6th chakra, but I had no previous knowledge of such things.  (It was this remarkable experience which prompted me to enroll into the Holistic Health graduate school program at St. Catherine University in Minneapolis, MN.)

Later, in another class, I saw beautiful, sparkly orbs floating in the corner of the room. They were like crystal balls with pearlescent, pastel colors of the rainbow housed within them. I would also have out-of-body sensations and experience gorgeously vibrant visions at night right before I would go to sleep.

I had previously been led to believe that such experiences were absolutely, scientifically IMPOSSIBLE. And yet here I was, regularly having mystical experiences for the first time in my life.

I began to feel more connected to the Universe and started to believe again in the mystical & metaphysical.

Although my journey wasn’t always easy. And transformation definitely didn’t happen overnight.

HOWEVER, I slowly but surely started making small, positive life changes.  I paid more attention to my wellbeing and started to nourish my mind and body with whole foods.  I began to live more soul inspired and feel physically energized. Eventually, fresh opportunities started coming my way (a more holistic, heart-centered job here, a pay raise there…).

I could sense that I was now living at a higher vibration.

The only constant in life is change, as they say, and life will always be a work-in-progress.  So, I tend to think of it like this:

choose your own adventure

Which means you can always make a conscious decision to take some small steps towards change.  Paulo Coelho, the wise author of The Alchemist even wrote:


“Small things lead to great transformations.”


I am sooooooo glad I decided to take those first few steps and explore new ideas through community classes and reading books.  It transformed my life.

So even if you’re at that uncomfortable place where I used to be–where you’ve given up hope that beautiful, magical things exist in the world or are doubting that the Universe has got your back, just know that I’ve been there (and made it through) and I really believe that so can you!

Ok, so I ADORE Paulo Coelho (and probably over-quote him), but he breaks things down like a boss so I had to add these two lil’ gems:

Harnessing the Powerof Your Space (4)Change only happens when we go against everything we're used to doing (1)

I believe everyone has the ability to reconnect to the divine and magical facets of their being.  And I KNOW I’ve found my special calling: to help others embody their life purpose.  And if I can do it, anyone can.

You wanna know the funniest thing about discovering my Life Purpose?  It was the very thing I wondered about all the time as a little girl.  Maybe a tad bit unusual, but I had constantly asked myself from an early age:  “What is my purpose?

So really…I bet deep down I had known it all along, but had just forgotten. (Only took me over 25 years to remember!) :)

Anyways, thanks ya’ll for letting me do some sacred soul sharing!

xoxo Sam

This is happy, present-day Sam. ;)

What about you? Can you relate to anything I’ve shared?  Feel free to comment below and do some soul sharing of your own!

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