Vibrant Alignment: 5 Space Clearing Tips to Energize Your Home and Engage Your Senses

A painter first needs a blank canvas to build upon in order to carefully create their masterpiece. Not to mention tools such as a paintbrush and paint palette.

This is what space clearing does for the home: it acts as an equalizer, a reset button if you will, which helps provide a blank canvas for you to “work from,” so to speak.

And just as a musician may finely tune their instruments to ensure harmonized sounds for a performance, one may “tune” their home’s frequency to cultivate a nurturing environment that helps keep them balanced, supported, and relaxed.

Of course, clearing also helps to move stagnant energy and shift the overall “feel” of a space. And you may notice some incredible shifts in your life as a result.

Space clearing is actually quite simple; just use the “The 3 Senses” as your guide:


Scent.  Sound.  Sight.


So here are 5 tips for energizing and clearing your space:

1. Smudge it up. Burn sage to purify your space and clear negative energy, called “smudging.” Native Americans have used this sacred herb for centuries as part of clearing rituals. I also like burning palo santo, a sweet smelling, sacred wood incense used by indigenous people of South America (it gives my home a warm, inviting scent each time I open my door). You can also use smokeless smudging spray as an alternative for the same effect. (SCENT).

I have my own version of smokeless smudge and also offer a space clearing kit here.

2. Play music or singing bowls. Put on a peaceful CD for you and your home—you don’t even need to be present. Oftentimes, I like to leave the music playing sometimes even if I’m not home, just to set the tone and increase the vibration.

I have a distinct set of music playlists depending on my mood and what ambiance I’m looking to invoke. New age-y, relaxing music for contemplation or getting ready for bed, and upbeat, bass-heavy hip-hop for getting ready to spend time with a group of friends for a night on the town. Use sound to “up” the vibrational resonance of your space. (SOUND).

3. Diffuse. It’s no secret that essential oils pack a punch—and affect you both psychologically and physiologically. Depending on the mood you want to set, add a few drops of essential oils to a diffuser to get you into the right mindset. Not only will your space smell magnificent, but you will also be inviting the healing properties of the particular oil into your space. (SCENT).

Some examples:

  • Orange or Peppermint for invigoration
  • Patchouli or frankincense for meditation
  • Lavender for relaxation

4. Open the windows and shades. Let that fresh air and sun in! Don’t live in the dark, allow the sun to bask on your walls and shine upon your space. Although this is applied literally, it can also be thought as figuratively as you invite more light in to “see” or gain clarity around your life. (SIGHT).

5. Visualize. You can dissipate stagnant energy within your home by utilizing your own personal “sight” and clearing the space through your mind’s eye. Feel free to follow the below visualization or come up with your own version. (SIGHT).

Visualize in your mind’s eye that your home is being cleared of all
negative vibrations and stagnant energy. See this as a dark, grayish
cloud that gets pushed out all the windows and doors of your
space. Then, visualize a sparkly, pearlescent mist that drifts to each
and every room of your home, bringing with it harmonizing, vibrant
energy. After the mist has visited each room, see it slowly dissipate
until there’s nothing left.

 “Shift” Happens!

Journaling comes highly recommended as you play with space clearing, as it may bring about subtle shifts that could go unnoticed at the time, but in reflection may correlate to your space clearing.

Happy Clearing! 

So, what do YOU do to shift or clear the energy of your space?

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