Feng Shui & Diamond Dowsing

SunKissed (3)Feng Shui consultation can help you shift your environment to attract a new relationship, enhance your health, or even manifest prosperity and career opportunities!


What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui (which translates to wind and water) is an ancient Chinese practice of arranging your living space in order to provide an ideal, balanced environment to support manifesting your dreams and desires in life.  Feng Shui is strongly based on the concept that what you place your attention on will grow stronger in your life, as well as the philosophy that everything is energy and energy is everything. This means that if you have a cluttered home, you’re probably feeling overwhelmed and disorganized in many aspects of life.

In Feng Shui philosophy, the idea is that your living or work space is a direct reflection of you and your life. Health issues, financial difficulties, and relationship problems can be linked back to your environment and it is the intention of the Feng Shui consultant to detect these blocks to help you clear them. By assessing your personal environment, they are able to offer specific recommendations (such as the intentional placement of physical adjustment tools like crystals, chimes, water fountain, artwork, etc.) to restore balance in your space and help you manifest your ideal life.

What’s included in a Feng Shui Consultation?
  • Energetic space clearing
  • Discussion of client’s intentions and desires as well as background history of home/space
  • A walkthrough of the main floor space
  • Placement of the feng shui map, called a bagua, by the consultant over the client’s floor plan with explanation of significant findings
  • “Next Step” suggestions for adjustments (tools that are used to physically change the environment)
  • One complimentary adjustment tool and informational handouts
  • Follow-up phone consult (30 minutes)

Consults will last 1-2 hours, depending on size of space and complexity

Note: a blueprint or scaled drawing of the main floor of the work or living space MUST be provided before the appointment by the client

Feng Shui Consultation (1-2 hours) + follow-up phone call (30 minutes):  $247


Feng (3)


 SunKissed (2)Dowsing is similar to Feng Shui in that it can powerfully and instantly shift the energy of your environment (and thus positively impact your life)!

But with Diamond Dowsing you are able to ascertain the specific energy level of a home, cure environmental and electromagnetic stress affecting the space, and raise the home’s vibration on a quantum level.


What is Dowsing?

Dowsing has been around for thousands of years and has been used by people since ancient times to locate underground water.

Diamond Dowsing is a particular branch of dowsing that not only locates the source of stress impacting the health of your home, but also neutralizes it to raise the entire vibration of a space.

With the help of my dowsing rods, I will work at the lowest level of the home and place special copper rods in areas which exhibit stress to cure this negative energy and help to harmonize the home.

What’s included in a Dowsing Consultation?
  • Energetic space clearing
  • High-vibrational copper rods will be placed to cure negative environmental and electromagnetic stress areas at the lowest level of home
  • Written assessment of findings
  • Follow-up phone consult (30 minutes)
Benefits of Dowsing:
  • Higher levels of energy
  • Better sleep
  • More clarity and focus
  • Higher overall sense of wellbeing (mental, physical, emotional, spiritual)
  • And much more!

 Dowsing Consultation (1-2 hours) + follow-up phone call (30 minutes):  $247

***SPECIAL Feng Shui + Dowsing Consult Package (3-4 hours): $397***