Conscious Collaboration
Group 90 Day Experience

Group Coaching

***Group Coaching is very similar to the one-on-one 90 Day Program, but this option allows for conscious collaboration between fellow soul purpose seekers***

What hidden potentials within you are ready to be unleashed?

What passions are waiting to be explored?

How might you align with your Soul Purpose to live a more fulfilling, radiant existence?

Still confused about what path you should take in life? Curious about what your soul (life) purpose may be? Feel like you have immense potential inside you, but are not even CLOSE to living up to it?

Oh, believe me—I’ve been there.

And was completely miserable. I could barely get out of bed each day and had a job where nonstop piles of papers lined my desk. So much paper, in fact, that they sometimes measured a few feet high!

The constant clutter around me obviously had a major effect on my psyche. Not to mention that I had no job benefits and my pay was low. I was barely able to cover my bills and had to live with my parents.

I remember that I was so frustrated I would cry at the bus stop after work. I just felt so defeated and thought that’s how the rest of my life would look: disconnected, uninspired, and depressed.

Still, I finally pulled myself enough together to embark on some soul-searching. I enrolled into community classes discussing metaphysical topics like intuition, energy awareness, and chakras. I also began to engage in all types of personal development work—anything to help me discover more meaning in life.

All this deep, inner work began to reignite my soul.

The journey wasn’t always easy. And transformation definitely didn’t happen overnight…HOWEVER, I slowly but surely started making positive life changes. And eventually, fresh opportunities started coming my way (a more holistic, heart-centered job here, a pay raise there…).

In short, my long personal developmental journey aligned me with my authentic soul purpose in this lifetime: to help others find their life purpose.


In this Transformational Program, You’ll Receive:

  • Six (6) 50-minute group coaching sessions- one session biweekly during the 90 Day program
  • Experiential transformational exercises
  • Supportive, co-creative environment
  • Accountability for successful integration of program components
  • Additional resources, handouts, and worksheets
  • Email support between sessions
  • Access to my monthly newsletter with the latest helpful tips, blogs, and special offers
  • My personal commitment to your success, plus all the support of a small group of lovely conscious collaborators!
  • Bonus: “Welcome Package”(includes journal and other goodies)

Yeah! Count Me In!